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G.I. Joe Action Figure by Hasbro

Gi_JoepioletG.I. Joe Action Figures by Hasbro hit the market in 1964. At first there were four models: Action Soldier, Action Sailor, Action Marine, and Action Pilot. In this post, I’m going to take a look at the Action Pilot (as pictured).

The 1964 G.I. Joe Pilot had 21 movable parts. This not only enabled him to be placed in many action positions but also allowed for the use of the accessories. The original boxed pilot figure came with his own uniform and accessories. In addition to the orange jumpsuit, black boots, blue fatigue cap., Air Force training manual, set of insignias and GI Joe dog tag. These first figures came in four hair colors: blond, auburn, black and brown.

Like the Action Pilot, the other three action figures were boxed and came with their own uniform and accessories making them unique to the action figure world of the early 1960’s.

The G.I. Joe action figures has seen many changes over the years of production. Some of the changes were to eye color, hair color and texture, facial hair, as well as the introduction of many different uniforms, both military and civilian depicting many different walks of life. The popularity of this figure over time has also lead to the development of many different accessories, vehicles and clothing. Not to mention foot lockers for storage.

Some of the markings and identification on the G.I. Joe Action Pilot are: :

G. I. Joe T. M. (Trademark) 

Copyright 1964 

By Hasbro R. 

Patent Pending 

Made in USA 

You’ll find these markings on the right, lower back. Over the years the markings of the G.I. Joe are a good way to identify when each action figure was made – and sometimes the name of the figure.

G.I. Joe is still today a demand collectible. For those beginning a collection of G.I. Joe figures, accessories and associated items, it is well to remember the difference between a collection for fun versus a collection for investment. The collector with investment in mind should always buy mint in the box with all accessories included – assuming your budget can handle it.

For more information on G.I.Joe history, figures and accessories, visit 50 Years of GI Joe.





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