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Hafner Wind up Train

The Hafner company was founded in 1900, but the first Toys produced wasn’t until 1901. The firm’s name was changed to W.F. Hafner in 1904, which later became the American Flyer. Then in 1914 Hafner started his own company Haefner manufacturing Company, and in 1918 his son joined him and from that point on they produced only wind up trains until they were bought out by Wyandotte in 1950.

The picture shown in my post is a Hafner wind up train that was produced after 1918, this train was made up of four cars and circle track.

  • Engine
  • Tender
  • Coal car
  • Caboose

If you would like to see some larger pictures of the train cars . . .  click here. 

In my opinion if you are looking to adding a quality wind up train to your collection, I believe the Hafner wind up train would the be one to chose.


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  1. dale hicks Aug 23rd 2010

    Hello. I have came across an old wind up train that has one smoke stack and 3 other raised stacks on the top.one is the bell. It is an o guage train and is about 6 inches long..how can I find out more about and its value..thank you