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Hot Wheels ‘Moon Ghost’ Sizzler 1978-79

moon ghost
This particular Sizzler was based on the Porsche 924. This car was manufactured in Hong Kong in only 1 color -white- as a Redline. In my opinion, it would have an estimated value of $85-150 in today’s market.

As promised, here is some information on the restoration of old Sizzlers. This was originally in the ‘Hot Wheels Newsletter’ published by Mike Strass, Volume II, Issue 3, Sept-Nov, 1997.

“How to Fix a Sizzler” by Bryan Flood
Important! Make sure you wear glasses and gloves when working with Sizzlers. Battery acid could harm you, wash hands often. Do not use sink. You need a sharp knife or small blade screw driver, plastic buckets or 1 gallon milk tubs with the tops removed. This is definitely best done by adults only!

1. Carefully remove excess plastic holding car together with a sharp knife or screwdriver.

2. Separate chassis from body. Be very careful because car is plastic and could break if you use too much force.
3. Using the knife or screwdriver, remove battery (some batteries are soldered on chassis tab., these need to be cut or de-soldered).
4. Place battery in cold water mixed with baking soda in rinse tub.
5. Remove motor for cleaning.
6. Use Tarn-X brand cleaner to clean chassis. Let it sit in plastic container for 10 minutes then rinse. All work and cleaning should be done in plastic buckets or 1 gallon milk jugs with tops removed.
7. Place motor in Tarn-X for 10 seconds, rinse in cold water, then spray with contact cleaner (you can find it at Radio Shack).
8. When done, dry and dip chassis in olive oil, which will preserve the metal and give the plastic a nice shine, then let it air dry.
9. Use mild detergent to clean body.
10. Put back together, you will probably need a new battery if you want to runt he car. Sizzlers use a Sanyo #N-11AA short battery or for long chassis they use Sanyo #N-50AAA. Shorter length batteries should be good for 50 laps on a Big O track.
Althoug a little dated, this information is very accurate and well worth reading.


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