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Hot Wheels Rodger Dodger Redline 1974

Hot Wheel Roger Dodger


Hot Wheel Roger Dodger-Top view





The Rodger Dodger Concept Hot Wheel was first produced by Mattel in 1974 and was manufactured in Hong Kong. Due to its racy look, the Rodger Dodger Hot Wheel quickly became a demand car in the collector diecast market, and as such has been in production since 1974 to the present.

The Rodger Dodger came in many different versions, i.e., color of the car, wheel types, tampos – but the one thing that did not change was the large exposed engine which was the trademark of the Rodger Dodger.

The version pictured here is unique because of a mistake made to the colors of the flames. The flames on the right side of the hood are painted grey instead of the original yellow color that were supposed to be in the flames. So you have a car that has one side yellow; the other side is grey.

The Rodger Dodger pictured here has the following features:

Plum in color

Orange and yellow flames on the roof left side; grey flames on the right side

Exposed metal engine

Black plastic interior

Blue tinted windshield

(RSW) Redlines

Hong Kong embossed on the bottom of the chrome metal chassis


To me this is one of the best cars that Mattel designed and produced for the collector market. There are so many versions, each being very unique, so that the collector had many opportunities to have and own a cool Hot Wheel.


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