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Manoil Sedan Diecast-1934



Manoil Sedan Diecast-1934


The Manoil diecast car pictured above was among the seven cars that were produced in 1934 by brothers Jack and Maurice Manoil in Manhattan, New York. Interestingly, the car has a somewhat ‘futuristic’ look with its elongated design and sleek back fin. What with Buck Rogers debuting in 1929 and his continued popularity in books and movies- maybe the influence carried over…. don’t know for sure, just speculating.

At some point in time, the Manoil company was moved from Manhattan, NY to Waverley, New York (date unknown) and eventually was closed down in 1955. Again, no information on what contributed to their closing.

The Manoil Sedan, Number 705 has the following details:

1.  6-1/8 Inches in length

2.  Open window holes

3.  Black rubber tires (5/8″ diameter)

4.  Accented, raised molding on exterior features, including:

a.  Headlights

b.  Grill

c.  Doors (all four)

d.  Fender flares

e.  Tail sweep


This car was the sixth car in the first production run that was distributed in the period 1934-35. Over the years the Manoil company produced other diecast toys that included military, fire fighter trucks, cannons, tanks, towing trucks, roadsters and sedans. They also produced a limited amount of plastic cars, trucks, and farm equipment.

Toys produced by Manoil are very popular in the Northeast, but may not be as well known in other parts of the country since they were produced in New York. However, this should not diminish their desirability as they are a classic vintage toy that would make a very good addition to your vintage toy collection.


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