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My Favorite Toy Shop

Vintage Toy Shop !
Sevaral years ago I was in an antique shop in Houston. They had the best collection of toys – the kind of collection you only wish you could see once in a lifetime.
  After a few minutes, I got to talking to the owner of the shop about collecting toys – the kind of toys that could have value in the future. He began to tell me he found the most rewarding ‘collecting’ you can do is to find a toy made before you were born as it is the most likely to have future value
  It seems to me he was trying to tell me that if you look hard enough for toys from the past, you will find appreciation in the future. Sounds simple. Buy old – make money. Well, he continued to say you must buy the best you can afford keeping it as close to mint as you can find.
  This was his key to buying toys and if I followed it he thought I would have a good future in collecting. He proceeded to say it is best to stay with a targeted collectible, i.e., Hot Wheels, Tonka, wind-up, etc. Don’t venture out into too many collectibles because it will not allow you to become an expert ini your area. This will become your advantage over most people who buy just to say they have one, no matter the condition. He also recommended buying good reference books.
  Well, another customer came over and that ended my collecting class on how to make money collecting toys but I did hear him say as he was leaving me, ‘Remember, ‘good toys will appreciate 10-15% every year – better than CD’s don’t you think?”.
  I thought this was good advice to pass on – some day you too may want to begin collecting with a thought to making money. Sad to say, this great toy shop is no longer there.



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