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US Army Transport C-184-10



Having been in the ‘business’ as long as I have, you get used to selling things -and depending on the item, wondering who bought it and why.  Most of the time these questions go unanswered, but once in a while the buyer will  share their story with you.

Such was the case when I sold my US Army Transport C-184-10.  Purchased by David – who was kind enough to let me share his story with you.

In a recent exchange of emails, I learned David actually had a photo of this toy that he received on Christmas morning 1963.  Interestingly, at that time he and his family lived about 60 miles from where I am today.  As is the case for most of us, he never knew what happened to his old Christmas toy.   However, his attachment to it and his current hobby of radio controlled airplanes prompted him to look for another Transport.  He wanted to build a flying version . . .  which in turn lead him to the one I had.

He is now in the process of building that model and has said he would keep me posted as to the progress.    If you would like to follow David’s building thread on his project, please visit this link.

This US Army Transport C-184-10 pictured – which David now owns –  had the following features:


Is constructed of metal and plastic.

Came with decals on engine mounts and the tail

Wing span:  22″

Nose to tail:  17″

I’ll let you know if I received any further emails from David and share his progress or maybe even a video!





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