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When does $1.00 = $10,000 ?

You can answer this question by spending  $1.00 for a  Trial Membership  to the Internet Business Training Program (IBPT).

I know I’ve talked about this before – but didn’t want you to miss out on a fabulous opportunity (just started today) that Sam has going right now – only for the next 10 days. This is the very same program Jan and I use to earn money at home. We’ve been studying and following the founder and mentor of the IBTP – Sam Clark – for over a year now and so far, in our opinion, he’s the best. He’s an excellent teacher, cuts through to the meat of the subject and has lots of free stuff you can download and use to get your business going. He has weekly webinars for your to watch – and if you miss it – you can catch it later on the website.

The webinars have a very personal feel and our webinar last night was about ClickBank – what it is and how to use it for making $$$. Sam was broadcasting directly from his deck . . . trees, birds, traffic noise and all! There is a cool ‘chat room’ open all during the webinar so you can ask questions, make comments, etc. during the session. We always find it interesting to see who’s there – people literally from all around the world – Germany, Australia, Canada, etc.

There are 3 levels of membership. Beginner for ‘newbies’, Premium for those familiar with the Internet but not quite sure how to monetize their pages, Elite for those already making $1,000-$2,000 a month but they want to increase their income. You can join any level – or maybe start at Beginner or Premium and move up a level later. Sam has the program set up so that the Premium and Elite members have access to the information in the membership levels below them.

If you have ever thought about learning how Internet marketing works – but thouht the programs too expensive, too confusing, too little informatin, too little help – you’ll never have a better opportunity than now to see what it’s all about. Your $1.00 investment gives you access to the IBTP membership level you choose and if you decide to stay, you can join at a reduced rate. Why not give it a try? You’ve got a better chance of making money through Sam’s program for your $1.00 investment than you have at winning the lottery for that same $1.00. Grab your code for registering at www.internet-btp.info and then click on one of the links there to go to the ‘Official Website Page’. See you ’round the forum! 


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