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SNAKES – Poisonous or Not ?

snakebiteI was going through some old
papers yesterday and found a
small piece a newspaper with
the outline of what a snake
bite ‘looks like’ showing the
difference between the
poisonous vs. the non-
poisionous bite.   Thought
I’d share that with everyone.


Seems to me this is good information since living here in Texas we have just about every kind of poisonous snake that slithers.  Rattlesnakes are even rounded-up in some places out west.  This information may or many not day be of value in saving you some fear and anxiety should you or someone you know ever get bitten.  If you Travel Texas camping, hiking or if you just work out in the yard, keep this picture in your First Aid Kit – hopefully you’ll never need it – but if you do, you’ll have it handy.



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