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Trekking Across Texas


My wife and I got up early Saturday morning to make the long trip to Round Top, Texas’ bi-annual antiques fair.
I was going to try to find a special toy or two to add to my collection. My wife was happily going along with me. In her words “a good day for hunting antiques and collectibles”. We drove for 2 and 1/2 hours to finally reach our destination. The weather was very cold and windy. But not too cold to enjoy the shows.
We stopped along Highway 237 for several hours and to my amazement – we did not find anything we could buy or even thought we might want to buy it! The one thing we did get were some very good pictures. If you’re looking for good travel information about Texas visit Texas Antique Mall’s Travel page.
We were glad to get home safely – tired but satisfied with our outing. If you get an opportunity, Texas has some beautiful country to see, so take a road trip – you’ll never tire of the beauty.



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