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Tonka Toys – Refurbish for Value

tonkared1   When you talk to most collectors, most will tell you that when you refurbish any toy the ‘collector value’ will drop by 50+%. Surprisingly, there is an exception to this statement. That is Tonka Toys – stamped steel. If you use only original parts from other Tonka’s and match all proper decal’s and paint for restoration, it is very acceptable in the market place to have these refurbished toys retain their value
   You will be able to sell such restored items ‘as-original-refurbished’ for 90+% of the collector market. The key is that most Tonka’s can easily be refurbished since original material is in most cases readily available.
   The most difficult parts to find are the decals, wheels, tire hubs and wind shields. The body’s are built very well and can be brought back to life with some TLC and a fresh coat of ‘Tonka’ matched paint.
   I have seen and bought Tonka’s that have been ‘originally reworked’. They will be as close as you can find to ‘Mint-looking’ .
If you have a good eye for repair, you may become a ‘Tonka Refurbisher’, and make some money in this market where finding ‘good’ collector Tonka items is becoming increasingly difficult. For more Tonka toy information and prices check out Texas Toy Man’s Price Guides.



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