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These ‘Value Guides’ are offered as a reference and information guide only to be used as an aid for identification purposes.

They are not intended to be representative of current market values nor are they to be considered authoritative or sanctioned, but rather an opinion of value to be based on item condition.

Values for any item are effected by condition, age, demand and desirability.


1.  Battery Operated

2.  Cap Guns – Regular

3.  Cap Guns – Miniature

4.  ‘Cap’ Guns – Other

5.  Cast Iron

6.  Die Cast

7.  Metal

8.  Miscellaneous

9.  Plastic

10.  Stamp Steel

11.  Tin Lithograph

12.  Vintage Banks

13.  Wind-Ups

Thanks to everyone that allowed us to photograph their private collections for use.   As such, the items pictured are not for sale.


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  1. Do you purchase vintage toys or just appraise them? Or if you know anyone who purchases vintage toys .i have a #3 thimble drome car car just like the one I saw on your web site for sale ,same condition as the one shown that I’d like (reluctently) to sell.

  2. Thanks for the offer – not buying any new inventory.

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