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Action = VALUE$

I can’t believe it’s already Monday. I had such good intentions to put up a couple of posts over the weekend BUT here in Texas the weather outside was gorgeous Saturday and Sunday – perfect in fact, sunny and mid-60’s – so I ended up working outside in the garden.

Now Monday morning – I’m back on the computer (still pretty outside BTW) ready to talk toys.

null In case you don’t already know it, all toys – including tin – are valued not only by their condition but also by the number of actions that the toy can make or putting it another way how many different ‘moves’ it can perform.

The US Zone Germany clown pictured here is a good example of a multi-action toy in that it’s . . .

1. ‘Shirt’ moves up and down
2. Head bobs
3. Eyes open and close

The value you can assign to this ‘3-action’ toy would increase for every action.

For example: If this were a non-action toy it might have a value of $25.00. However, since it has 3 actions, it would be valued at $75.00 ($25 x 3 = $75).

– when you have a vintage wind-up toy – do NOT over wind it. If you are considering purchasing such a toy – wind it just enough to make sure it works. The value quickly decreases if the toy does not perform as originally built.



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