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All Toys need to have a regular Clean & Care ‘Check-up’


I have always thought, you should clean and preserve the condition of your toy collectibles.  And like I tell my wife, this is serious work required to preserve my investment and in no way should she consider this as me simply finding an excuse to ‘play’ with my toys.




1.  I remove dust and dirt with either a soft brush or (wipe with a) soft cloth. 

     (Use a cloth that won’t leave lint behind.  An old Tee-shirt is perfect.)


2.  Note:  Before applying Armor All I always test on underside or other obscure place on the toy to make sure the application doesn’t cause damage or change the color.


armor1Once tested, I then apply a thin coat of ‘Armor All Original’ to the whole top surface of the painted or plastic toy using a soft, lint free cloth saturated with Armor All Original solution . . .  making sure to thoroughly wipe the toy down.


             Once applied, I wipe off all excess with a clean, dry, soft and lint free cloth until I see a nice ‘sheen’ . . . . . always cautious not to over rub and not to leave any surface ‘wet’.


3.  I’m now ready to store or display my toy.  When displaying one of my toys, I’m always careful that it should ‘rest’ it in a position so as to not put pressure on any part thus causing weight damage, i.e. old rubber tires go flat over time.  Also, sunlight will cause damage if a toy is left exposed to the sun’s rays too long so I don’t keep anything on a shelf near a window.     


Hope this helps. . . .



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