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Battery Operated Motorcycle by Hasbro 1971

One of the more interesting and unique toys is this well detailed ‘California-style’ motorcycle. Produced by Hasbro circa 1971 this battery-operated motorcycle came with jointed rider – manufactured to appear he is wearing black leather suit while the helmet is affixed to the head. This toy was manufactured in Hong Kong but sold in the U.S. market.

This battery-operated toy came in two pieces – motorcycle and motorcycle rider. As mentioned the rider has jointed arms and legs so he can be mounted or removed from the motorcycle with ease.

The motorcycle itself is brick-red in color with accents of chrome colored plastic and opaque windshield. The rider has a black suit with a helmet with yellow goggles. His hands have ‘gripper’ holes so that he can be attached to the handlebars of the motorcycle steadying him and keeping him from falling off when the motorcycle was in operation.

While this battery-operated toy was manufactured primarily of plastic parts, some metal parts were used. These metal parts are the handle bars, sissy rack bar, and small parts in the battery housing.

Two (2) AA batteries were needed to power the motorcycle. In addition, it also has an on and off switch located by the left foot of the motorcycle rider that was integrated into the design to look remarkably like a kick-start. Plastic stabilizers underneath the engine keep the motorcycle in an upright position whether it was operating or not.

This battery-operated toy motorcycle manufactured by Hasbro would be a great addition to any collection of toys – battery-operated or not.


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