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Coca-Cola Ford Beverage Delivery Truck-Siku




Advertising collectibles are some of the most sought after items around, especially those associated with top market brands. Now while some find the older pieces more desirable, there are more current items out there – like this pictured Ford Coca-Cola Delivery Truck, #2918 – that are just as interesting due to its association with Coca-Cola.

Manufactured in West Germany by Siku ( Sieper Werke Gmb H) this model is a 1:55 scale model ‘die cast’ item. Siku Eurobuilt manufactured this truck to scale, accurately depicting the real truck in all of its specifications. This even included the blueprints and working details associated with the actual truck. Note: Siku is also registered as making toys in not only West Germany but also Great Britain and here in the United States.

The measurements of the original – life-sized – Coca-Cola delivery truck are as follows:

  1. Overall length – 411.4′
  2. Wheel base – 238.4′
  3. Overall height – 132.0′
  4. Overall width – 110.0′
  5. Cab height – 107.7′
  6. Track, front – 68.3′

On this diecast model, you’ll find that the truck panels open and it comes with its own hand truck and beverage cases (plastic). This classy model even has independent suspension! A lot of Coca-Cola collectibles are out there, however, you may find that this particular one is harder to find with Siku manufacturing some of the best diecast model toys for the collector.


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