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Corgi Chipperfields – International Circus Crane Truck



Some of my favorite toys are the pieces included in the circus set manufactured by Corgi in the 1960’s.  The Chipperfields Circus  crane truck pictured here is only one  piece of the set and what I’ll cover today.  Other pieces (which I wish I had) include : 

1.  Circus animal cage with animals

2.  Platform trailer with elephant cage and elephant

3.   Bedford tractor unit (truck with cargo case), animal cage with lion

4.  Articulated truck and trailer with horse box and horses

5.   Scammell Highwayman crane truck

Our truck today is described as having a chassis-cab with the rear body resting on a base that extends off the bottom of the cab.  The rear body section contains a working crane with a yellow base.  The crane actually works by way of manual crank.

Other features of this truck are clear windows, silver grill, headlights, case wheels (rubber with light blue metal hubs), ‘silver’ sheet metal boom, raised lettering on either side (Chipperfields Circus).  The truck also came with a die cast hook attached to the cord on the crane, however, it is missing off this truck. 

The bottom of this toy is marked:  International, 6 x 6 Truck, Corgi Major Toys, Made in GT Britain.  According to my reference book – The Unauthorized Encyclopedia, Corgi Toys – this particular style of truck has the designation 1121 A1…. meaning the wheels are free on the axle. 

Overall length (including crane) is 8-1/2″; truck length is 5-1/2″.





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