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Custom Fleetside El Camino 1968 – 1969 Redline!

Harry Bradley’s Custom El Camino was the first car he designed for Mattel. It was modeled after his own ‘custom truck’ which he drove to work every day.

This Custom Fleetside El Camino was produced in both the US and Hong Kong. The US version can easily be identified by the mold mark on the black plastic bed cover. Another identifying mark is the very small steering wheel. Below you will find some more design features:

  • Produced in 11 different colors
  • Metal chassis
  • Plastic interior
  • Black roof
  • Black plastic cover on the truck
  • Horizontal taillights (US only)
  • Carburetor pipes extending out of hood
  • Mold mark on truck bed cover (US only)
  • Small steering wheel (US only)
  • Raised dashboard (US only)
  • Redline wheels

This was one of the original ‘redline’ Hot Wheel cars produced by Mattel and still remains a hot collectible today.

If you are looking for a good Hot Wheels book I recommend Tomart’s Price Guide to Hot Wheels. This is my favorite guide book for identifying Hot Wheels.


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