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Fuzzy Bear – Clockwork Wind-ups

To me one of the most intriguing class of toys is the class called ‘wind-ups’. Some of these labeled as clockwork are the ones I find the most interesting because they have more actions. They can either walk, sway, flip, make music or talk . . . you get the idea – lots of different, independent actions. (While most wind-up toys are single action, those with multiple actions means additional value in the marketplace when you get ready to sell.) fuzzybear
c1950 Japanese Wind-Up
I have found that the Japanese manufacturers possessed a great imagination and excelled in the making of wind-up toys – especially the animal ones. One of my particular favorites is the fuzzy bear ‘teacher’ that flips through a multi-paged book of animal pictures he is holding. He has nice movement and it is amazing to see him ‘turning the pages of his book’ – one page at a time as he moves side-to-side..)
There were several bears manufactured that performed different actions as well as other wind-up animals including lions, elephants, owls, and monkeys. You can check out more vintage toys of the 1950’s, see identification and price guides for vintage toys at Texas Antique Mall 



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  1. Really like those old wind up toys! I am looking for a wind up tin Hippo bank, from the 60’s I think. I had one when I was young. Keep up the good posts-great information!