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FYI: Hot Wheels Dump Truck Heavyweights


The Hot Wheels Hong Kong manufactured dump truck was the concept model designed by Ira Gilford.

The dump truck came with a medal chasis in either brown or orange. The lift up dump portion came in two colors – yellow and orange. The dump truck cab had blue tinted windows while the interior was plastic. The trucks were painted in 11 different colors – 10 metallic and 1 enamel. These colors were Metallic: aqua, blue, brown, gold, green, light green, orange, purple, red and yellow. The enamel was white.

The Hot Wheel Heavyweights tires were red striped wheels – better known as redlines.

These Hot Wheels Dump Truck Heavyweights were only produced from 1970 – 1972. In today’s market they would have a value of $45 – 65. The exception to this would be the white enamel dump truck which has a value that soars to $150-200.


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    Such a wonderful creation! I’m so pleased to find your blog!