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Hot Wheels ‘Original’ Neet Streeter…1936 Ford Coupe


The Hot Wheels, Number 9244, 1936 Ford Coupe Neet Streeter is a customized, drag racing style car. It was first manufactured and introduced to the market in 1976.

The first Neet Streeter of 1976 was issued with Redlines (rsw). The car was then reissued in 1977 with Basic wheels (bw).

The original Neet Streeter cars came with the following features:

  • Light blue in color
  • Black plastic scoop on hood
  • Redlines (1976) | Basic wheels (1977)
  • Made in Hong Kong
  • Logo on rear trunk: “Ford…Oldie but a Goodie”
  • Red, white and blue stripe on top
  • Black plastic interior

The original Neet Streeter cars also have more than average information embossed on the metal base. That information included:

  • Hong Kong
  • © Mattel Inc. 1975
  • US and Foreign Patented
  • Patented Canada 1973

This 1936 Ford customized Hot Wheel was one of the best models true to the “Original Car Style” made by Mattel. That being said. . . after 1977 Mattel continued to produce many different versions of the Neet Streeter – all the way into the 2000’s. All of these ‘new’ Neet Streeter cars were manufactured and can be found in different colors, and with different wheel types, logos, tampos and bases.

Check out all the versions of this Hot Wheel either in Tomart’s or O’Brian’s price guides.


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