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Hot Wheels 1967 Custom Mustang Redline


1967 mustangJ

My 1967 Custom Mustang was issued in 1968 and became the hottest sought after Hot Wheel in the market.

The Ford Mustang Fastback has a metal base, plastic interior and came in assorted colors along with red striped wheels. It also had a lift hood, black interior. The scoops came in only two variations- open or closed; and with smooth or louvered rear windows.

The Hong Kong version has a flat dashboard and a large black steering wheel. The US version has a raise dashboard — and a small steering wheel.

The open scoop model from Hong Kong was only found in red or gold and it’s been classified as very rare. The value for the 1968 Custom Mustang is in the range of $120- $260 in the retail market.




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  1. i recently bought a red custom mustang die cast car from a charity shop for 10 pencei just wonderd if it has any value its a nice lookin car it has hong kong on the rear end ov the car and dated 1967

  2. Rolland Goudge Nov 12th 2010

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