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Hot Wheels “34” 3-Window Ford Coupe – 1980

Hot Wheels “34” 3-Window Ford Coupe – 1980

The first of several Hi-Rakers cars produced by Mattel was the ’34 3-Window Ford Coupe . The Hi- Rakers cars were produced with a built-in attachment (in the base) that allow you to raise or lower the rear end of the car.

The first 3 -Window Ford Coupe had the following –

Metal chassis

Lightly tinted windshields (plastic)

Plastic engine-sticking out the sides

Scoop sticking center of hood

Brown plastic interior and fendors

Red and yellow flame tempo on trunk

Hot Rod and yellow line on roof

Black rectangle on roof

Basic wheels (BW)

Made in Hong Kong

Hi- Rakers attachment in chassis (gray plastic)

Red paint job

The ’34 Ford Coupe had many variations and would make a very good collector Hot Wheels for the Ford enthusiast as well as the Hot Wheels collector.

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