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Hot Wheels “Buzz Off”


The “Buzz Off” Hot Wheel was manufactured by the Mattel Company. It was first introduced into the market in 1970, and was call the “Tri-Baby. Mattel made several variations of this Hot Wheel but changed the name to “Buzz Off” in 1973.

In spite of there being several variations introduced to the market, the changes were very subtle.

For example, In 1970, the models had the following features:

  • Metal base
  • Swing-up rear engine cover
  • Blue Windows
  • Plastic interior
  • Redline-(RSW)
  • Hong Kong-MFG
  • Original name (Tri-Baby) -US/HK
  • Six different colors

The later versions produced in 1973-77 had the following features:

  • Redline or Basic Wheels
  • Gold chrome color (as seen in the picture)
  • Black base
  • Red, dark red and black tempo “The Gold One”

With so many variations available, it’s easy to understand why so many people make Hot Wheels their collector hobby!

Not only can it be fun but also very challenging to be a Hot Wheel collector. Remember when buying for your collection – or any

collection, it is always smart to buy the best you can afford.


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