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Hot Wheels Flip Out – Flipper Snapper


In 1984, this Flip Out series was designed by Larry Wood for the 1985-86 ‘Flip Out Carded Series’. Originally issued by Mattel in 1985 under two names – ‘Flipper Snapper, Number 2281’ and the ‘Road Flipper, Number 2280’. Both with the mark of having been made in Hong Kong.

The Flipper Snapper was produced in black and painted with pink, yellow and red flames. The unpainted base was made of metal. The windows were all chrome while the tires were basic wheels.

In 1990 the casting was released and to be used as part of the California Customs series. It had a modified metal chassis and was renamed ‘Firebird’. Once again in 1997 it was renamed to ‘Camaro Wind’. This last name seemed seems to have stuck and is the name most commonly used when referring to this particular Hot Wheel. Sadly, this casting has not been produced in more than 10 years, and it was one of my favorite designs produced by Mattel.

The production order for this FLip Out Hot Wheels series is:

# 2281/1985 – Flipper Snapper — Hong Kong

#2280/1986 — Road Flipper — Hong Kong

#2104/1990 — California Customs — Malaysia

#11044/1983 — Color Changers — Malaysia

#599/1997 -1997 Hot Wheels Series — China or Malaysia.

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2 Replies

  1. gerald calhoun Oct 20th 2009

    I have a 2008 62 chevy of the hot wheels stars it’s white whith a blue strip still in the package the left rear bumper is deformed it sages towards the ground.is it worth anything and are you interested in it if so please e-mail me

  2. Hi -Your mistake car will have vaue to a collector that specializes in mistake cars/packaging. Recommendation – find the nearest Hot Wheel club in your area to find a buyer.