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Hot Wheels Ice-T Redline

This Yellow Hot Wheels Ice-T was manufactured in Hong Kong and only produced during the period of 1971 – 1972 .

This uniquely designed Hot Wheel was the brain child of Tom Daniels. He derived his design for the Ice-T from a real show car that he had designed for Monogram.

While the Ice-T Hot Wheels of 1971-72 were only produced in yellow, Mattel did produce other Ice-T cars in 1973 that came in a variety of colors. The original Ice-T of the 1971-72 period all came with a low plastic roof and with the words Ice-T embossed on both sides of the roof. In the rear seat area it had two plastic ice blocks. It also had an exposed metal engine and a black plastic interior. The tires were redlines (RSW).

In my opinion, the value of the original Hot Wheel Ice-T car will be in the range of $150-$200 – if in excelent condition.


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