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Hot Wheels Scorchers-Chevy Light # 2894 1979-1981


scorcher trucking

The Hot Wheels Scorchers – much the same size as the traditional Hot Wheels cars – came with a spring powered motor. These cars were designed to race around a track after being pulled backwards and then letting them go. Unfortunately, in most cases the names of the cars was not on the car itself making it difficult to identify if you have a loose car. A few came with the name on a tampo.

All of the Scorchers cars came with:

  • Chromed windows
  • Eight pronged wheels (small in front; large in back)
  • Rubber tires (for traction)

The blistercard was orange and red with the Hot Wheels logo along with the word ‘Scorchers’ on it. The words ‘Spring-powered motor! Die-cast metal! No batteries needed!’ was also on the blistercard. The car sat upright on a pedestal picturing the White Thunder Scorcher. The blister portion – on top of this pedestal – had the name and number of the car on the pedestal.

First introduced into the Hot Wheels line in 1979 and in production until 1981, Scorchers are not easily found and as such are highly collectible.


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2 Replies

  1. I recently saw your post on scorchers 79-81. I have the chevy light mint in the blister pack. only car i can’t find an estimated value on. Help???

  2. Tony,

    In my opinon, your Chevy Light Mint in the pkg has a street value of aprox, $ 75.00……Nice Find !

    Texas Toy Man


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