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Hubley ‘Marshall’ Cap Gun



Toy guns – and cap guns in particular – have been around for a very long time with the first mass-produced ones being in the 1860’s – after the Civil War (non-cap). These were typically made of wood with a little metal trim. Others were made of lead and iron. The period of 1870 – 1900 is when the cap gun was at its most popular. The toy guns produced during this time weren’t necessarily realistic, but were rather ornate with others being covered in scroll designs. Some were even animated with figures. These are particularly sought after and command a high price.

Today some of the most highly collectible – and affordable – cap guns are those produced in die-cast during the 1940 – 1965 period. This popularity is partly driven by the fact that during this time westerns were all the rage – not only on the radio but also television. Who hasn’t heard of Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Hopalong Cassidy and the Lone Ranger?

While there were many toy cap guns produced based on the above western ‘heroes’, today there is still a lot of interest in many of the non-character items produced by such manufacturer’s as Hubley, Kilgore, Dent, Federal, Mattel and Marx to name a few.

The pistol pictured was manufactured by Hubley circa 1950 and given the name ‘Marshall’

The features for this particular item are: 

Nickel-plated die cast construction

Plastic grips screwed/bolted on

Two grip variations – wood grain and long-horn steer head

Would ‘shoot’ roll caps

Moveable hammer

Length of 10-1/2″ 

Depending on the manufacturer, material and demand, toy guns are in demand with Hubley being one of the most sought after. Another dimension of collecting toy cap guns are the holsters. These too have their own set of values depending on material, design, number of holsters, etc. For more information on collectible Cap Guns (and holsters), get James L. Duncas price guide . . . Cap Guns with Values









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  1. We love this style of cap guns. Western revolver cap guns with a “REAL” revolving chamber are the way to go!! Love the info!

  2. Thanks! They don’t make toys like they used to.