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Kenner’s Alien – Bull Version



Toys associated with characters – comic and movie – have always been winners. And, Kenner – after their highly successful venture with Star Wars – struck gold again with the figures associated with the 1979 release of the Alien movie. The later series of Alien figures issued by Kenner did not fare as well.

In 1992, after a period of 13 years, Kenner brought back the alien figures with a whole new toy line – more or less having the ‘new’ alien bear a resemblance to his host. This line continued until around 1995 when production was halted.

Figures associated with this first series of ‘new’ alien figures were:

• The Alien (Scorpion, Bull, Gorillia, followed by Alien Queen and Power Loader)

• Lt. Ripley

• Bishop (Marine)

• Sgt. Apone (Marine)

• Corp. Hicks (Marine)

• Drake (Marine)

• Hudson (Marine)

• O’Malley (Marine)

The next several production series manufactured by Kenner over the next three years included assorted new Marines and variations of the Alien. However, with interest beginning to diminish in the US, many of these toys ended up overseas or unsold on the shelf.

A couple of other toy manufacturer’s tried their hand at producing the Alien figures during the late 1990’s, i.e., Toys-R’Us (1997) who had a 10″ 2-pack (Alien vs. Predator) and Kay-Bee (1997-1999) who manufactured several different variations along with some new ‘alien’ pieces.

The ‘Bull’ Alien figure pictured in this post was from Kenner’s Series 1, 1992 line of Alien figures. Some of its features are:

6″ in height with head down; 6-3/4″ in height when is head extended via a button on left side

Extended head pivots up/down by way of button on back that moves up and down

Red colored head

Copper-tone colored body

Tail, legs, claw arms moveable

Back ‘claws’ moveable

Horns individually move front to back

Two tail stingers – one black, one copper (not shown)

Silver mouth and teeth

The Kenner  Alien figures are collectible and you may find that most of  their values continue to rise. This is especially true if you can find any of these figures in their original box or on the original cards (preferably unpunched).



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