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Lesney-Matchbox: Commer Bottle Float

The Commer Bottle Float – more commonly know here in the US as a milk truck – was produced by Lesney in 1961. This truck had the Catalog Identification Number of 20 c.

The truck pictured above has the following features:

  • Pale green in color
  • Black metal base
  • Milk cow logo on both side doors
  • Green plastic windshield
  • Open-air sides with white plastic cream bottles load (non-removeable)
  • “Drink Milk” sign on roof
  • Black plastic wheels
  • Made in England

There were several versions of the Commer Bottle Float produced. It can be noted that while there were differences; there were two features that remained constant in all the versions produced. These features were that the truck was always pale green in color and they all had the black metal base.




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