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Major Matt Mason – Vintage Mattel

While going through some of my old stuff that I had packed away many years ago – Voila! – I found my Mattel Matt Mason Man in Space and his Satellite Locker (with 2 other figures).The three figures are in played-with condition but with a little TLC they should   look pretty good.

Mattel's Matt Mason - c1968

Mattel's Matt Mason - c1968


I kept digging hoping for more Matt Mason stuff and found my 1968 Mattel’s Man in Space ‘Talking Command Console’.

I was very surprised to find it in good condition as well, especially after all the years of storage.  The console lights still work, the space arm is in working condition as is the pull-string ‘talker’.  Sadly, the seats have some rough spots – but all in all what a great find with lots of  fun memories.

Let me know if you have or collect any Matt Mason stuff.  I have lots of toys on my site at www.txantiquemall.com – as well as some Toy Price Guides with pictures.  Free, of course.  And, I’ll be back with more of what I find while going through those old boxes out in the barn.

c1968 Mattel Man in Space Talking Command Console

c1968 Mattel Man in Space Talking Command Console



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3 Replies

  1. Brian K. Barnes Sep 10th 2009

    Do you still have Mattel Man in Space figures and command console?


  2. Brain.

    Yes I do have the MM set.


  3. Silvia Andritz Nov 18th 2009

    Hi Silvia,

    Thank you for the inquiry. I do still have the figures, however, with my past experience in shipping to Europe – everything has either arrived damaged or not arrived at all. For that reason, I have stopped shipping internationally.

    Best regards,


    Do you still offer Major Matt Mason (Mattel) figures ?
    How much are they, and do you ship to Austria ?

    Sincerely yours,
    S. Andritz