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Matchbox-Mercedes Coach Series #68


The Mercedes Coach  issued in 1968 came in two different colors…. orange and turquoise. However, the turquoise version of this coach is by far the rarest in the secondary market and commands the highest value. As much as ten times the value of the orange version.

The Matchbox Mercedes Coach was issued with the following features:

  • Body of metal
  • Base of metal
  • White roof
  • Clear plastic windshield/windows (1 piece)
  • White plastic interior
  • Black plastic wheels
  • License plates (front & back) read S-B157
  • Mercedes emblem shown on front and rear

It is note-worthy that in the market of this era, the manufacturer was still permitted to make a toy that could be basically dis-assembled into four parts. Those being the base, the seats, the plastic windshield/window insert and the top. Finding a coach today that still has all four parts is quite a feat.

To my knowledge, there are no replicas of this coach being produced today. However, should you find one check the base for the following embossed information:

  • Made in England
  • By Lesney
  • Matchbox Series No. 68
  • Mercedes Coach

In my opinion, with Matchbox toys (as with any toy), it is always best to buy the toy with the original box if given a choice. Having the original box – in good to excellent condition – will typically add 20-25% to the overall value of your toy – in this case your Matchbox.




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