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Matchbox Yesteryear # 1909 Thomas Flyabout-1956

The Lesney Matchbox ‘Models of Yesteryear’ Series was started in 1956.  These cars were produced as copies of vintage and antique cars.  They were built just slightly larger than Matchbox’s regular 1-75 series which were produced starting 1953…the regular series continues in production to today.


Although the Yesteryear cars were supposedly discontinued after a 36 year production run (1992), this was ‘not true’ totally since Matchbox continued to produce the Yesteryear cars but packaging them in other Matchbox assortments.  Therefore, in spite of the announcement of the discontinuance of Yesteryears, we still find Yesteryears appearing in different series introduced to the market by Matchbox today.

The posted picture of the Matchbox Thomas Flyabout ‘Models of Yesteryear’ Series produced in 1967 has the following features:

Bright blue in color

Tan colored plastic roof “smooth surface”

Gold colored spoke wheels

Dark red plastic seats

Dark red grill

Black plastic steering wheel

‘Made in England by Lesney’ embossed on chassis

‘1909 Thomas Flyabout’ embossed on chassis

‘By courtesy of Harrah Collection Reno, USA’ embossed on chassis

‘Matchbox No.Y12’ embossed on chassis

‘Models of Yesteryear’ embossed on chassis

Black rubber wheels

If you are looking to start a Matchbox collection of Yesteryears, the pricing should always include the car and its original box –  and both should be in perfect shape if you are looking to have your collection for investment purposes, not just for fun.


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