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Mighty Mike Battery Operated Robot-1984






From the early days of Buck Rogers and his space adventures, robots have been a favorite toy. The earliest robots were made of tin with later models being constructed of plastic and combinations of metal and plastic. The vintage robot pictures here – Mighty Mike – was manufactured in 1984 by a Japanese firm. Like most robots, he performs actions. Some of the older robots were powered by a wind-up mechanism; however, this more modern robot is battery-operated. He even ‘talks’. When the yellow button on top of his head is pressed he says, “I am the atomic powered robot. Please give my best wishes to everyone.”


In addition to talking, this 11 inch Mighty Mike has:


  1. Flashing red eyes
  2. Gripping hands
  3. Mystery bump-and-go action


There are hundreds of robots that have been manufactured over the years – here in the states and around the world – as such they make a fun, challenging collectible…especially if you can find one in working order or with the original box.





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