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Miniature Roman Chariot Set

Circa 1953, F.G. Taylor & Sons  produced this wonderful toy.  The set included a Roman chariot, a pair of horses and  a chariot driver.

 The chariot and horses have an overall length of 5″ .  The height of the chariot is 1-3/8″; the horses are 2-1/8″ tall.  The man is 2-1/8″ tall. 

  • Some features of this toy are:
  • Metal construction
  • All pieces are hand painted
  • Wheels turn
  • Horses attached to harness by pin

The set was manufactured in England and would will be rated as moderately rare in today’s market – regardless of where you live – UK or USA.    It is marked on the underside of the chariot in raised lettering – Made in England, Copyright; with the manufactures name as well.

 The estimated market value is between $200 and $300 based on its condition.



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