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Monkeemobile by Corgi Juniors


While there is quite a bit of information available for Corgi toys in general, there is very little information out there on the Monkeemobile made by Corgi Juniors. This car is from the television show of the late 1960’s and is a replica of the car driven by the four (4) members of the band in the show. For those that may not remember that particular group they had several songs that were quite popular and as such merchandising of items with their name became popular.

The Monkeemobile Corgi Junior had a catalog number of 1004 along with the following features:

  • Red with white top
  • Four figures inside car
  • One year production – 1971
  • Wheel – dark grey hub with black tire
  • Length: 3 inches
  • Open engine
  • Clear plastic windshield
  • ‘Made in Great Britain’ embossed on base
  • Monkeemobile guitar logo on base
  • Corgi Junior embossed on base

With the open engine and with actually having figures inside the car, along with the limited production, you can imagine that in today’s market it is very hard to find one in mint condition.

As in most cases concerning popular items, there were a few knock-offs produced that looked like the Corgi Junior in an attempt to cash in on the popularity of the Monkeemobile and it’s collector value – so beware if you purchase one of these cars. Inspect carefully before buying making sure the car you buy has all of the listed features.




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