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Siku Mercedes Binz Ambulance



Siku is a division of Sieperwerke; a German company established in 1921 by Richard Sieper. Originally the company manufactured metal tools and cutlery. In later years they began manufacturing ashtrays, badges, medals, belt buckles, and buttons. They continued with this line of products, until they began manufacturing toys in the early 1950’s. The company has manufactured many different toys – metal and plastic over the years, however, their Super Series 1:55 is the product they are best known for . . . one of which is the Binz Ambulance pictured here.

The first Siku manufactured diecast toys were models in the scale of 1:55 and were first manufactured in 1963 and marketed under the name “Super Series” exclusively for the United States market.


Some of the features in the Mercedes Ambulance pictured above are the following:

White in color

Red cross tampo on hood

Both sides have doors that open

Rear door opens (partially)

Blue emergency lights on the roof

Right side entrance door that opens

Blue tinted windshields

Siku label on all tires

HK 301 embossed on the front and rear

All tan interior

Black steering wheel

Embossed on the bottom of the metal chassis is the following:


Siku Binz Kramkenwagon

Bcy1 ::2525 CCM

5500 U/min


The Siku diecast models were designed to compete in the market with Matchbox, Hot Wheels and other diecast cars sold in the US. If you are looking for small-scale model diecast cars I would recommend Siku models because of their great detail for authentication of design – and for those who would like to read more about the history of Siku visit this link .


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