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The Classic ’57 T-Bird RedLine



The 1957 T-Bird convertible with redlines tires (pictured) was produced in 14 various colors. And, not only did this car come in a variety of exterior colors but also the plastic interiors came in a variety of colors. If you’re specifically collecting ’57 T-Birds, this means there are a lot of combinations out there to be found. Also, interestingly, all of these cars were made in the USA – in 1969.


The T-Bird pictured above has the following features:

Metal chassis

Aqua in color

Red line tires (RSW)

Clear plastic windshield

Dark Gray interiors

Lift up hood

Metal engine

Plastic ’57 Bird ™ embossed on the bottom

1968 Mattel Inc., USA embossed on the bottom

US & Foreign Pat. Pend embossed

Hot Wheels embossed on the bottom


Another interesting note when collecting this car, while you’ll find it referred to as ‘T-Bird’ in most reference and price guide books, the bottom of the car doesn’t have the embossed T, but rather just ‘Bird’.

If you find collecting T-Birds designed by Hot Wheels interesting, just collecting the colors of the ’57 Bird would be a major challenge – not to mention a special prize if you were able to find all fourteen (14) colors.

Happy hunting!



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