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Tootsietoy Service Station Set


If you’re a collector of Tootsietoys, you will find the following a great addition to your collection. This Tootsie set is Number 1693 and includes the following:

Mobil Gas Truck- red

Gas Delivery Truck – red

VW Beetle – blue

Shell gas station pump set – red

Pair of filling station lights- silver

Truck wrecker- white

Tootsietoy produced nine different sets during this time period (late 1960’s). The numbered sets are as follows:

1689 – Airport Set

1690 – Truck Fleet Set

1691- Firefighting Set

1686- Farm Set

1687- Grand Prix Set

1689-State Fair Set

1693-Service Station Set

1694-Car Fleet Set

FYI all of these Tootsietoy sets are highly sought after and will be hard to find in the original packaging. But if you are lucky enough to find one – you have a real prize.

If anyone has one of the sets of Tootsietoys please send me a photo of your set and I will gladly post it on my Texas Toyman Blog along with a note of who sent me the photograph.


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