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Wyandotte ‘1939’ Medical Corps Ambulance

In 1921 Wyandotte Company was formed.  They were originally known for making toy pistols as their main product. However, by 1935, the Wyandotte, Michigan company became noted for their production of streamlined Art Deco, steel cars and trucks. Interestingly, these simple metal, stamped-steel toys came with wooden wheels.

Wyandotte toys were noted for:

  • Heavy gauge steel construction
  • Baked enamel finish

Due to World War II interrupting the toy industry and its sales, Wyandotte begin making ammo clips for the M-1 rifle. After the war was over, they again began production of toys in their new location in Pigna, Ohio.

These toys included:

  • Aircraft
  • Doll buggies
  • Musical toys
  • Wagons
  • Games
  • Trains (Hafner Train line)

Sadly, Wyandotte went out of business in 1965, after many attempts to diversify their toy market.

The toy in the picture above is a Wyandotte “Medical Corps Ambulance”. It was manufactured circa 1939 and was one of the several different models that were produced over the many years they were in business.

The steel stamped cars and trucks they manufactured were  so well made, there  is a good chance that when you find one it will be in excellent condition. This is due to the outstanding craftsmanship Wyandotte utilized in their manufacturing technique.

If you are looking for a good toy collector market, you will find starting a stamped steel toy collection to be affordable.


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